Green is Good

PM Walking

To embark on something, especially when bringing about massive change in a typical routine or schedule, is never so simple. The Pedestrians’ Day observed last Tuesday showed us so.

It was an arduous time and mixed responses from the public pertaining to the day were inevitable. While complaints were genuine, there were also genuine applauses pouring in.

Nevertheless, the Pedestrians’ Day was a significant one. Not just because people walked to offices on that particular day. It was significant because the day was one of our green initiatives to make a small contribution to the environment.

We have taken nature for granted hitherto. This was definitely a small way to undo or repay for all the harms we have done.

The day is also a timely reminder of how green our lifestyles are, especially people living in urban towns. For instance, how judiciously do we use electricity? How often do we remember to put out the lights in our home? How long do we keep the taps running?

Our pristine environment is increasingly being distressed with vehicle pollution owing to multiplying number of vehicles and subsequently fuel consumption.

This predicament is further aggravated by the influx of modern amenities such as air conditioners and refrigerators. Thus, we are only adding more pressure to the environment.
And how can we forget the garbage. We produce tons of garbage every week. Urban waste is becoming a mounting challenge and the landfill in Memelakha is filled to its brim.

We depend on the environment, but what have we given it in return? Perhaps that why, the Pedestrians’ day was significant as it showed us an alternative lifestyle that we can now adopt – green lifestyle.

It won’t be a mammoth task to adopt green lifestyle as a conscious choice of lifestyle of the people. In urban areas, we have forgotten about green lifestyle. And we aren’t living one either. We can only reminisce how people in rural areas coexist in harmony with nature.

A simple change in our lifestyle can actually go a long way in reducing our carbon footprint. And it must start at home. Using recycling materials. Minding the amount of garbage we produce every day. Switching off lights or television when there is no one watching it. And as simple as turning off the tap when you are brushing. All these are simple ways through which we can reduce wastage of resources.

We have numerous proclamations on environment conservation. While the country has pledged to remain carbon neutral, the Constitution has mandated 60% forest coverage for all times to come, but what have we done at an individual level?
To start with, the Pedestrians’ Day is a good opportunity for us to start a green lifestyle that is also healthy.


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