A happy wedding anniversary to the Royal Couple

It has been exactly a year as we marked the first anniversary of the historic Royal Wedding. The anniversary is a momentous one for His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen. The same palpable happiness and enthusiasm reverberate in the minds of every people in the country as well.

Indubitably, the Royal Wedding was another critical watershed in the history of Bhutan. And it will always remain etched in the minds of every Bhutanese. No length of words is adequate to describe this union of the two greatest souls.

We still reminisce and have fond memories of the moment last year when the whole nation was abuzz with activities to celebrate the Royal Wedding. There was a wave of excitement and happiness. People were flabbergasted as the sacred matrimonial took place in Punakha last year.

The same enthusiasm and zeal are apparent even today as we mark the first anniversary of the Royal Wedding. Felicitation messages, heartfelt wishes and genuine prayers are there everywhere for us to see, from the newspapers to social media sites such as facebook and twitter. It’s no less a people’s reunion once again after they had witnessed and took part in the country’s historic moment a year back. People are back together once again.

And there are obvious reasons too. The day is more significant in many ways for a Bhutanese. A year back, His Majesty the King had fulfilled the wish of the nation when His Majesty married Her Majesty the Queen. This was no less than fulfillment of the wish of the nation and its people. The sacred matrimonial was the beginning of the continuity in the form of hope in the institution of monarchy under which the nation have had achieved numerous strides and enjoyed profound peace, security, happiness and wellbeing. And we still do look up to and revere the monarchy as the country aspires to achieve its dreams and aspiration.

No matter how arduous a time or how grueling a struggle, we will sail through. We have this assurance that we can always look up to our monarchy for more guidance. The King and the Queen along have charted a new journey altogether. It’s a new journey for Bhutan and its people too. It has been a year now. But we pray and wish that years of peace, love and happiness continue perpetually, for now and for all times to come.

As we mark the first anniversary of the Royal Wedding, all the little we can do is wish and pray for profound happiness, sound health, everlasting peace, and eternal love of our King and the Queen. May they always continue to be the epitome of compassion, kindness

A couple made in heaven

and love!


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