Shower of promises

This day next week, the people of Bhutan would have given their verdict. Two political parties will bow out of the race while the two winning parties will hit the campaign trail once more. But before the next government is formed, expect one more season of promises and pledges.vote2

Loathe it or love it, politicians are going to come knocking at the door with their bouquet of promises and a long list of ‘will dos’. We have had quite bit of it this campaign period leading to the primary round – helicopters, blacktopped farm roads, jobs for all, blah blah blah.

In the last one month of the campaign period, the parties have pampered us with so much promises that suddenly from the sidelines people have taken the center spot. They have become the immediate focus. Every public speech or debate has people and their interest as the ubiquitous theme running all through,

The lofty promises they are skillfully marketing to the people may be or may not be fulfilled. Only time will tell. In fact, some of their promises are too bold and daring. And at times a little too unrealistic given the difficult times we are wading through at present.

It’s easy to make promises, difficult to keep it. However, so long as political parties know what it will take to keep those promises, it’s totally fine to let them talk the talk. After all, electioneering is about putting on the table what they have to offer. People will make the pick.

The beauty of all this, minus political maneuvering and mudslinging which has been going around, is that people will have the final say. Even if for a fleeting moment during the electioneering time, politicians bow down to the people in obeisance. That’s a dramatic role reversal of some kind, isn’t it? People become the real masters. They call the shots.

That’s how democracy is craftily designed to give the ultimate power to the people to choose the government. So it is important why people must choose and vote wisely. As clichéd as it may sound and at the risk of sounding like a politician, it is still worth saying that people must vote for the right party.

And what is a right party? A party that truly represents the people. One that will serve them and not their own vested political interest. A party that will take the country forward.

Political parties will go to any length to win votes, selling hopes and dreams that may not be practically or humanely possible. That’s why you must vote so that right party gets to form the government and the wrong parties are voted out!

It’s in your hand or rather your finger. Press the button. Vote!


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