Dark, dirty and debauched competition

Politics, many thought so earlier as we geared up for the 2013 elections, was apparently kicking-off on a positive note. It seemed so as well for all the ostensible reasons that were plain to see.

Prior to the National Council (NC) election, political observers and regulators couldn’t help, but applaud and herald praises on the way the NC candidates were conducting themselves in front of the electorate. Forget any sign of a brewing animosity, rather candidates in some districts were seen seeking help from one another, sharing meals together, helping the other prepare for public meeting, and showing the never-seen camaraderie in politics.politics_605

And many felt perhaps, for all these reasons, that something different of sorts might be there for people to witness in the lower house elections this time. With the lessons acquired during the past five years, it was envisioned that all – parties, candidates, supporters and voters- have had metamorphosed into better political beings.

The concept of good politicking continued, so it is seemed, until the primary election. Parties’ campaign then were mainly focused on parties’ ideologies, their manifestos and pledges. More so, it hovered around reasons why the electorate should vote for that particular party.

And now, with the general election date drawing near, people mainly into politics are back again exhibiting their true colors. They are back again orchestrating – a repeat, or even more of what happened in 2008.

Many of us were all witnesses to the other side of politics in 2008. We saw it happening then that some villages were divided because of politics. A village which supported one party was indifferent to the other village if that one supported another party, breaking the age-long harmony and camaraderie that existed between these villages. Some were no longer in talking terms. There were real rifts even in homes and among family members.

And lately, mudslinging has become the order of the day in our political arena. The two parties, Druk Phuensum Tshogpa and People’s Democratic Party, are again hurling allegations against each other and countering that, and their campaigns have now shifted to depicting the bad party of the either two. This is becoming visibly apparent everywhere, from common forum debates to social and mainstream media.

The two parties are unabatedly casting aspersions at each other. Most of it is all about dirty outpourings from the two parties, at least for now. And parties, literally and politically, are bent on striping the other party naked before the electorate.

There is no denying that political competition between the two parties, which will go on to form the government, is inevitable. Competition is good. But not so much so when it is becoming dark, dirty and debauched. We need to draw a line.


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