And so continues the drama

Is politics ever really clean? Not so much if we examine the recent political developments taking shape in places across the country. The allegation of malpractices from the two parties that will be contesting the general election has only intensified even if we are a little more than a week away from the general election.

There is simply no signs of stopping. Mudslinging, allegation, subjective attacks, and counter allegation are continuing to occupy much of the space on air and in print as well.

And while how aware our parties and party workers are is another question, the air of excitement that was once palpable among the electorate earlier, especially urban voters, is not there anymore. They are simply tired, sick, and bored to the brim.up

Some seem astounded with the political drama now unfolding and a few can’t help but wish that the elections were over soon. Sooner, the better. They seem right as well – choosing to get over something undesired rather than letting up the rags and garbage of party politics slowly choking their sanity.

Therefore, it also evokes the critical question whether we as Bhutanese have been able to even comprehend the meaning of democracy. And not in the least is it about driving people insane, breeding contempt and destroying the little happiness of people.

It’s also becoming more befitting at this juncture to ask ourselves where we are headed to. Where are all these taking us to? We need to
know that, as parties and supporters, we shouldn’t stir up and create a mess of the society, the signs of which are becoming apparent now, just for short-term political gains. Ultimately, the long-term price we ought to pay could be enormous. Political parties and candidates should instead set a good precedent here. They should be the examples or role models that the electorate can look up to. But sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the case so, at least not for now.

Amid the political jabbering and bickering, we also need to ask ourselves what we eventually intend to become? What is our destination? Perhaps, it won’t be wrong to assume that we want a flouring democracy with strong democratic institutions. Political parties, therefore, should also ask themselves if they are in any way contributing to this cause.

Going by the political developments right now, political parties are even vying to project a majority of our democratic institutions on the wrong side, basically washing off their hands from everything that would translate into lesser votes for the parties.

For instance, democratic institutions and other autonomous agencies such as the anti-corruption commission and judiciary, the army and media, have been dragged into politics and parties’ meaningless quest for power. We have to know that some institutions are and must remain above politics.


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