A Bhutanese thing!

The Rindhebi boat mishap in Zhemgang last week was a national tragedy. The death toll has reached nine. Three people, who were on board the fateful boat, are still missing. It’s very unfortunate that such unforeseen accidents occur, resulting in loss of many human lives. The whole nation mourns their death.

In such a time of distress, it’s deeply heartening to see Bhutanese from across the country pouring out their prayers and condolences, and sharing the grief and pain of the bereaved families. The scale and timing of tragic events such as this is not in any one’s control. We can only empathize with the aggrieved families and ensure that such tragedies do not repeat again.images

The national response to the tragedy reflects the collective humanity of our society. Love, compassion and solidarity are vital elements that bind us together as a community, as a people, as a nation. Despite materialism creeping in, and our busy lives making us oblivious of who even are our neighbors, we haven’t yet lost the essential values that define our society.

Not just this tragedy, whenever a calamity befalls our nation, Bhutanese people from all walks of life have always risen to the occasion in solidarity – ready to help the affected. These are intrinsic values of our culture.

And we as Bhutanese are proud to have a leader in His Majesty the King who is the epitome of these values. His Majesty as the beacon of our hope and inspiration continues to serve the people in the most loving way. As King, he has always been there for the people, during good and bad times, happy and sad moments. He has been there personally lifting those in grief, despair and distress.

Further, His Majesty does what is the only decent, humane, and a loving thing an individual can do. We are fortunate to have a King who places people’s happiness and wellbeing before his own. No matter how arduous the time or how grueling a struggle, there is always this assurance that we can look up to our Monarch for guidance and wisdom.

We must be inspired by His Majesty’s benevolence. While it’s unimaginable to fathom the loss of the bereaved families, let’s all help in small ways we can. Besides offering our prayers, let us try to genuinely reach out to the bereaved families. And beyond that, let us also come together and support the needy ones, many of whom are quietly suffering the burden of poverty and destitution, and many more.

Isn’t it a Bhutanese thing to do that?


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