It’s dig out, silly!

Teaching can be fun, at least if you’re not doing it full time. That is what I was told and that is what I thought so. And having had worked in the media for long, a teaching opportunity seemed to me like a sensible break. Plus if additional money is coming into your pocket, it’s all the way better.

So off I ventured into the teaching realm on a part-time basis, a totally unchartered venture, in August 2013. I was assigned to teach journalism to final year students of English/EVS and English/Dzongkha at Royal Thimphu College.

Classes began and formal introductions were over. But before delving into the history, definition and canons of journalism, I thought it would be befitting to ask them a question. So I asked, “Who wants to become a journalist?”

Blank faces stared at me – an apparent reaction that perhaps they didn’t want to. “No one interested?” I asked them again, trying to reassure myself. Silence ensued and much later a single hand rose in the air. “I want to become a TV anchor,” a female student in the second row replied.

“Well, this is going to be tough,” I braced up. But days went on swiftly and soon the semester had come to its end.

I went to teach again the same subject for the second time last year. Classes for the fall semester began like usual from August 2014. The first day of the class and I threw the same old question. “Is anyone interested to take up journalism as a career?”Jesus-Christ-Teaching-2031760

Silence ensued. Perhaps another indication of a prompt ‘NO’ to the question. Another grueling task again, I thought. Days, however, continued. Time swiftly passed by, going through numerous assignments – the excruciating part of being a teacher. And another excruciating part is going through the exam papers.

You come across a myriad of answers that you can’t even imagine. At times it leaves one befuddled. I still remember that instance when a student of mine had written ‘…journalists d**k out information…’ while answering a question on the role of journalism in one of the exams. I thought over this statement many a times, wondering what if it’s right. What if? I might go to teach again this time too; oblivious whether I might d**k out someone too who wants to become a journalist.

P.S: Laugh out loud. Just couldn’t help sharing. Please excuse the slang.



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