An Occasion of Auspice

In so many beautiful ways, 5 February 2016 will be remembered for always. It’s indubitably the dawn of another historic moment in Bhutan. The sense of happiness and enthusiasm reverberating in the minds of every Bhutanese is palpable and vivid as the whole nation welcomes the special one – His Royal Highness The Gyalsey – last week.

Indeed, it’s a special day. A special occasion to be happy and ecstatic, and with special reasons too, obviously.

Firstly, the birth of HRH The Gyalsey represents the pivotal continuity of the sacred and benevolent institution of monarchy in the country – the symbol of Bhutan’s identity and nationhood.

In more than 108 years of monarchy in the country, our successive Druk Gyalpos have secured our sovereignty and nationhood, besides bringing us together and paving the path towards happiness, prosperity and wellbeing. We have been blessed under the reign of our successive Druk Gyalpos. The birth of the Royal Prince, therefore, further ensures the continuity of these blessings.

Undoubtedly, Bhutan and its people have been blessed under the country’s successive Druk Gyalpos, whose priority and prerogative have always been the people, their welfare and wellbeing.

As an epitome of values such as love, kindness selflessness and compassion, our Kings have tirelessly been in the service of their people and country, all round the clock. Our Kings have always been there for the people, during good and bad times, happy and sad moments; personally lifting those in grief, despair and distress.

Therefore, most importantly, it’s this assurance that we can repose our faith and trust on to our Monarchs in times of adversity. It’s the solace that the hope and future of Bhutan and all Bhutanese are secure, and that we can repose all of our hopes, dreams and aspirations on our Monarchs till perpetuity that makes the Royal Birth even more significant.

Making the birth of the Royal Prince exceptional is also the auspiciousness of the time it is happening at. The special Royal Birth is happening at the most significant time or the year when the country marks the birth of Guru Padmasambhava and 400th anniversary of the arrival of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel to Bhutan. The Royal Birth is, therefore, an indication that we are blessed with good Tendrel; and so the obvious reason to rejoice and celebrate this auspicious phenomenon.

HRH The Gyalsey’s birth has also taken place at a special time when for the first time in history, Bhutan and all Bhutanese have been blessed for the first time to witness the three great Kings together – the great Fourth King, His Majesty The King, and the next in the line of succession to the Golden Throne. This is unquestionably the rarest of the rarest moment for Bhutan and all Bhutanese.

A little more than four years back, His Majesty The King had fulfilled the wish of the nation and its people when His Majesty married Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen. The sacred matrimonial in October 13, 2011 saw the union of two greatest souls. The auspicious Royal Birth, therefore, is a long-awaited moment by Bhutan and all Bhutanese. The prayers of the nation have been answered. The wishes of the people have been fulfilled. But most importantly, the Royal Birth is the materialization of a miracle today that makes the nation and all Bhutanese complete.


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